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Construction Consultants West.

The Challenges of the Construction Industry Made Easier

Established 1995
The Waterproofing Systems Specialists

Our services combines construction, structural, civil, geotechnical, geological, and forensic capabilities, providing an integrated team of construction management, schedule, cost, and technical experts that help construction industry clients address their most formidable challenges.

We are committed to helping our clients build better construction companies. Unlike other business consulting firms, we only work with construction companies and contractors. As an experienced contractor and business owner, we understand how our clients think and operate, which is why they choose us to help solve their most important challenges.


By utilizing our comprehensive industry knowledge, real-world experience and team of dedicated professionals, we create innovative, customized solutions to help our clients get to the next level of performance and success.

Waterproofing Consultation

CCW offers comprehensive waterproofing consulting for structural repair, with moisture intrusion. We are waterproofing experts, trained and certified through major product manufacturers in the industry.

Additionally, we stay current on the warranty requirements of every major waterproofing manufacturer. To that end we offer a variety of consulting options, onsite inspections for waterproofing applications, to review site conditions as well as product requirements for their application submission.


What sets us apart is that we are highly responsive to our client’s requests and provide a customer friendly strategy and upfront analysis/inspections that is unique in this industry.

The easily recognizable property of water brings on many construction lawsuits, including the resultant litigations for mold and mildew, and the very reason why designing comprehensive waterproofing systems for structures is one of the most important services, including inspection of waterproofing systems installation, that Construction Consultants West offers.

Consultancy Services

Four Decades of Expertise
Since 1995
San Diego

CCW is an established small business, located in San Diego, CA. We provide a comprehensive range of construction cost estimating and scheduling management services that include:

  • Master Plan, Conceptual, Schematic Estimating

  • Design-Build Cost Analysis

  • Value Engineering

  • Change Order Review

  • Schedule Development

  • Schedule Monitoring & Analysis

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Claims Support

Consultncy Services

How Do We Help

What Do We Provide?

We provide a comprehensive range of construction cost estimating & scheduling management services.

In today’s environment, project budgets and schedules must be feasible to go from master planning and concept to full design development and construction. Construction costs can change dramatically over the course of a single year. That, coupled with environmental conditions, can greatly impact key milestones for cost-effective and timely delivery of substantial completion.

It's Much More!

Cost estimating is much more than costs per square foot and unit pricing. Rather, it’s a boots-on-the-ground assessment that surveys first-hand actual site conditions against plans and surveys along with proposed project scopes and goals. That, coupled with seasoned experience ensures near accuracy, which is key for projects to go forward beyond concept development.

We work closely with our clients on their construction projects and provides services on an as-needed basis.

The CCW team has experience in many aspects of construction, including budget development, design, construction administration, facility operations, maintenance & management.


Bill Keys our owner and operator has worked for general contractors, subcontractors and construction management firms in many capacities throughout the years. His experience provides a clear understanding of the factors that impact quality, budget and scheduling.

Further, we have a long history of providing accurate, timely cost estimating and scheduling services to a variety of public and private organizations, for new construction, alteration, renovation and historical restoration projects. This experience also includes pricing and negotiating change orders,  onsite inspections inspecting and the reviewing of documents.






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The Industry

What Is A Construction Consultant?

Construction Consultants are registered or certified professionals with special expertise, skill or experience, who advise a building teams on specific aspects of the project in design, construction, investigation or repair.

Depending on the scope of the project the construction consultant may take the lead project team responsibility for planning and implementation of a particular project.


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